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  • “Vrinda’s composed pace added to the melody of her singing....Good planning and good execution stood out” – Indian Express, April 27, 2004

  •  “Vrinda has a good voice and sings with confidence. She presented a number of good compositions with good feeling” - Deccan Herald, May 29, 2006

  •  “…the young artiste exhibited remarkable versatility….she created a bright melodic experience….she expanded Varali dexterously maneuvering through intricate, but melodic sancharas with strict adherence to shruti. Clear accents, distinct pauses, meaningful neraval and decorative swaraprastara rendered her recital comprehendible, meaningful and pleasing.” – The Hindu, June 27, 2008

  • “…Her melodious voice retaining its timbre irrespective of the octaves. Her approach to ragas and the kritis, clear diction, proper accents and apt gamakas held the audience under sway…. necessary pauses and tuneful nilugades complemented the import of the composition; and the sense of shruthi enhanced the melody.” – The Hindu, April 10, 2009

  • “Vrinda was at her best during the concert and showed her proficiency in executing the nuances of the ragas…exhilarating rendition of kritis… Vrinda was so natural and clear in her presentation and only a few artistes have these qualities” – Deccan Herald, Mar 22, 2011

  • “Vrinda Acharya's concert was proof of ample talent augmented by assiduous training... The artiste's rich and pliant voice was employed to great advantage in the fairly detailed elaboration of Saraswathi raga, with clear sancharas in the mandra sthayi and sparkling brighas around the thara shadja and rishabha… for the raga-tana-pallavi in Todi, the alapana was systematic, leisurely, and comprehensive, with halts at all the important junctures and replete with gamaka-laden phrases…her free flowing manodharma highlighted the multiple shades of the raga and its immense scope…the rendition was embellished with intricate sangathis and well ordered kalpana swaras which were indicative of her laya prowess” – The Hindu, Jun 10, 2011

  • "Vrinda has a pleasant voice coupled with a classical instinct...Her essay of Saveri was exemplary and proved the depth of her patantara of many kritis in this raga..." - The Hindu, Dec 1, 2011

  • " impressive vocal recital by Vrinda Acharya....she surprised the rasikas by starting the recital with a quaint raga called Rudrapriya....Vrinda’s voice is full of warmth and intimacy and her phrasing is effortless. The solid high notes were held without a hint of difficulty and she sounded brilliant in her high range. She sketched Chandrajyothi raga, well. The sincerity of purpose was evident in her singing. Thyagaraja’s best known krithi Baagayanayya was crowned with scholarly  kalpanaswaras." - The New Indian Express, May 25, 2015

  • "Unabated energy and powerful rendition...Vrinda's voice is her asset. Singing in shruti, with bhaava, using lavish gamakas and only moderate amount of birghas, is the key yo touching the listener's hearts.. the Lathangi raga essay was attractive with charming birghas and sangathis entrenched with bhava...followed by intelligent poruttam swaras and mukthaya...Kambhoji, the main raga of the day was treated with brilliance...Vrinda used her talent to explore the raga, to render the composition systematically with no speed and to develop an extensive and meaningful neraval to 'Bhaktaparadheena'..." - The Star of Mysore, Apr 19, 2018

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